Frank has been an experiential educator for ten years, designing project-based workshops and programs for high school and secondary students in subjects spanning from business, entrepreneurship, finance, international relations, politics, debate, and public speaking.


Over the past six years, Frank has launched or advised the launch of multiple companies, including an international not-for-profit, a consumer electronics company, his two education ventures, and a men’s fashion company, among others. He focuses on rapid market validation to test new markets and product ideas.


Frank has spoken to audiences as small as 10 and as large as 4,000 on topics including Launching a Business, Testing Product Ideas, Youth Development, International Travel, and Experiential Education.


An avid blogger, Frank will be writing and publishing several books over the next three years, including a collection of stories from his travels with high school students call Teenagers Don’t Scare Me, a long awaited Model UN training book called The Model UN Manual, and his most ambitious project, a book discussing his practice of Rapid Market Validation.

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Here’s a listing of all the companies, projects, products, books, and experiments that I’m currently working on.

All-American Model United Nations

I started the All-American Model UN Programs in 2011 to give US high school students the chance to travel to international debate competitions in China, India, Budapest, Latin America, and Washington D.C. I also host a summer diplomacy academy in Boston. The All-American MUN website hosts a plethora of free Model UN educational resources.

What’s Next: With your support, I want to broaden the educational resources by creating a series of free, online video courses to teach Model UN. These courses will be designed for either individual students or teachers to use in their classes. For years, I’ve been working on a comprehensive training book called The Model UN Manual. With your support, I’ll be able to publish it in a year!

Kickback Pants

This whacky pants company was a creation of one of my former students and current business partner. Born out of a boredom with the way khakis suck, Kickback Pants not only automatically make their wearers the alpha in the room, but they also support animal charities around the world.

Whiteboard Incubator

Summer 2017 will be the first year that Whiteboard Youth Ventures will host a full incubator for companies and projects owned and operated entirely by high school students. We offer students a package of services, and students pay us back once they achieve a sales milestone. We take no equity and do not charge a tuition. We only succeed if our students do.

What’s Next: The Whiteboard Incubator is my sandbox for testing out my model of Rapid Market Validation. With your support, I’d like to conduct more research and more interviews with successful founders to write a book on the topic. Depending on the level of support, I will also be able to accept more students into the Incubator next year.

Teenagers Don't Scare Me

This is a book that I want to write over the next year based on my experiences traveling around the globe with high school students. Needless to say, the memories and stories I have will simultaneously scare the parents of the students who have traveled with me while entertaining everyone else.

The Global Startup Challenge

With a few name changes, the Global Startup Challenge is a week-long startup boot camp and competition for high school students. I’ve worked with over 400 students from more than 20 countries. The program is hosted in Boston each July, and I’m beginning the process of expanding globally, with potential installments in India and the Philippines.

What’s Next: The Global Startup Challenge website has a series of articles written to help high school students start their first ventures. With your support, I’d like to gamify my workshops and activities to sell on Amazon to help others teach entrepreneurship to students. I’d also like to produce a book of case studies designed to help teach entrepreneurship to high school students.


Weekly rantings on my projects, research, entrepreneurship, politics with interviews with parents, students, and business partners.


Help me to create better materials, write books, and give more students scholarships.

What is Patreon?

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Why are you using Patreon? Why should I support you?

I love working with students. I love creating teaching materials. I’ve even learned to love writing. I’m asking for your support to supercharge my efforts. With continuous support through patreon, I can spend more of my time creating better content, more content, and more consistent content. I also want to spend more of my time writing three books that I plan to self publish. By supporting me, you also support the hundreds of students with whom I work every year.

What do you plan to create?

The Pobcast Podcast:
The Pobcast is a weekly podcast that I started. On it, I’ll cover topics ranging from business, startups, and entrepreneurship to education policy and politics. I also plan on running a segment each week updating listeners on my progress on various projects.

Books I Want to Write:
 Teenagers Don’t Scare Me: What I Learned Traveling to India, China, and Latin America with High School Students
– The Model UN Manual
– Startup Case Studies for High School Students
– Rapid Market Validation: A Model for Testing Business Concepts

Teaching Materials:
I want to produce a series of interactive entrepreneurship and business games and simulations for teachers to use to better teach important concepts. I’ve already designed one called, IdeaStrike, which is a game that helps students to ideate and explore target markets.

Scholarships for Students:
Over the past four years, I’ve given over $175,000 scholarships, grants, and discounts to my students. I have no external funding, so this money comes directly out of my business. Your support will help me fill this gap so that I can work with student who can’t always afford my tuition rates.



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Of course there are rewards! I’ve designed five tier levels that will earn you bonus content, book credits, private Q&A sessions, early releases of my books, gift items from China, India, and beyond, access to photo albums and prints of your favorite photos, and special access to PobcastX episodes, special unfiltered podcast episodes.

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